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VIDEO: Nederburg Auction Food & Wine Pairing

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join a panel of food and wine experts for an afternoon of very serious tasting at Overture Restaurant. We were there to taste a variety of fine wines and a selection of gourmet plates, cooked by chef Bertus Basson, to ultimately decide which wines to pair with which dishes. The final selection will be served to wine buyers, makers and experts from around the world at the Nederburg Auction next month.

There are some days where I look at my life and think, “how did I get so lucky?”. This was one of those days. To have the opportunity to join a group of food and wine aficionados at a beautiful restaurant and listen to them talk in intense detail about my great loves (food and wine), all while drinking a glass of something wonderful and eating a plate of something magical, was my kinda heaven.

The Nederburg Auction is one of the most important wine auctions in the world and every year, wine buyers from restaurants and hotels from around the world join some very serious private wine collectors to bid on South Africa’s finest and rarest wines. This is where you’ll find rare, unique and very old wines that you won’t be able to buy anywhere else.

I attended the Auction (recognized as one of the world’s five major wine auctions) last year and I was so into it. I got to taste some very rare wines, listen to a fascinating presentation on one of my favourite subjects and eat an incredible lunch. I felt very lucky to be there. It’s the ultimate event for wine lovers.

A few facts about the Nederburg Auction

It is recognised as one of the world’s five major wine auctions – alongside the auctions of Hospices de Beaune in France and Kloster Eberbach in Germany.

The Auction is accessible by invitation only. All prospective buyers must register in order to be eligible for a ticket.

Its open to all local South African producers, who have the opportunity to submit their best vintages to be selected for auction by an international panel of wine judges.

It has a special focus on promoting older South African wines, prompted by its commitment to the preservation and continuation of South Africa’s rich, rare wine heritage.

The Auction strives to invest in excellence as South Africa’s leading platform for the sale of rare, premium wines, providing the opportunity for their fair and equitable distribution.

This year’s Nederburg Auction is taking place from 16-17 September in Paarl.