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Finding Pinspiration for our new home

Yesterday I shared the news that Keenan and I are buying our first home (and by home, I mean studio apartment) together and I cannot tell you how excited we are. There’s quite a few things we need to sort out though; we’ve been looking for good info for the first-time homeowners online which covers most of the basics, including insurance. We can’t wait to finally have a space of our own, where we can unpack our bags (instead of living out of bags at each other’s places) and leave our own fingerprints. The space is a blank canvas and we will be the first occupants, so we’ve got the opportunity to make something that really suits us and our lifestyle. Because the space is quite industrial, with some exposed brick areas and a high warehouse-style ceiling, we want to keep things really simple, we like the exposed bricks and think they match well with the floor with more of a rugged look, but the ceiling stands out as “different”, so I’m going to be looking about at solutions to tidy that up a little, whether it be one these Ceiling Tiles or if we decide to just paint and touch it up in areas, I’m not yet sure. Also, there’s not much space for hoarding, so we’re getting rid of a whole lot of stuff we’ve been carting around from house to house since we left our respective homes. We’re looking for clever ways to store or display household items that won’t make it look too cluttered.

In the kitchen I want to have hooks where we can hang pots and pans. Ideally I’d like some copper pots, but they are pretty tough to find. We are also going to have a butcher’s block on wheels, so that we can have more space to cook together.
There are no built-in cupboards, so we’ve decided on clothing rails for the bedroom. This means that I’ve had to get rid of a ton of clothes – I’ve already thrown out seven (!!!) black bags full of stuff I never wear and there’s still loads more that needs to go!

The place is tiny, but it’s big enough for us to create a bedroom, which we want to separate from the living area with a huge bookshelf. I’m still looking for one, so if anyone knows of a carpenter or similar in the Cape Town area who can build one, please send their details on to me.

(We want something a bit bigger than this – 2,5m wide by 2m high and 30cm deep,
with spaces of varying sizes)

Where did people find inspiration before Pinterest? It’s such an awesome platform to find and catalogue ideas. We’ve got a Studio Apartment board, where we’ve been pinning our ideas for small space decor and space saving solutions. We both really like minimalism and a neutral palette, with splashes of colour. We also want to incorporate a lot of plants and greenery into our home.

We have a small courtyard and an adjacent exclusive use passage, where we want to create a magical outdoor space. Lots of plants and great lighting will hopefully help us to create a small inner-city oasis. I recently read an article called ‘3 Factors To Consider When Upgrading Your Outdoor Space‘ and I found it super helpful. I’m going to pick a theme for our backyard soon and then I can begin designing it properly! It’s so exciting!!

Do you have any favourite Pinterest boards for decor inspiration?

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  1. AAAH this is SO exciting Natalie!! Enjoy all the studio grooming!!

    1. Thanks Che! Can’t wait to start playing house-house!

  2. Sweetie take the measurements for your bookcase… go to Buildit and ask them to cut the wood for you .. I built mine in one afternoon … they were very helpful and it worked out way cheaper than buying! Goodluck your place looks awesome!

  3. Love the space and that you have an outdoor area! Can’t wait to see the transformation 🙂

  4. So exciting and what a beautiful space! I think with all of your ideas you will create something magical.

    XoXo One stiletto At A Time