Staying at Pel’s Post at The Outpost in the Kruger

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Way up in the north of South Africa, on the border between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, you’ll find a luxurious eco-lodge called Pel’s Post. Situated within The Outpost Lodge’s 26 500 hectares of wild African bush, this Kruger Park property sleeps 8 people in an exclusive-use sanctuary. Overlooking the Levuvhu river, staying at Pel’s Post at The Outpost in the Kruger combines mega views, every luxury you could wish for and a light footprint on the earth.

pel's post the outpost lodge

The pool deck overlooks the Levuvhu River

pel's post the outpost lodge kruger park

The public space is open and airy, with modern decor and African touches that don’t feel kitsch

pel's post kruger national park

Baobab trees stand tall in the distance

Staying at Pel’s Post at The Outpost in The Kruger

Part of The Outpost Lodge, Pel’s Post offers the same luxury experience and service, with added exclusivity. Four private rooms are connected by a wooden walkway and open up completely to views that will make your jaw drop. Designed with groups of friends or family in mind, the lodge comes with a personal chef, private vehicle and a private guide.

pel's post lodge kruger park

Waking up to the sound of elephants splashing through the river is a very special experience!

pel's post lodge kruger park

What is it about mosquito nets that feels so romantic?

bath pel's post lodge kruger park

It’s hard to choose between this bath…

shower pel's post lodge kruger park

…and this shower. I chose both!

After spending a night at The Outpost, we moved over to Pel’s Post to experience what makes this newly-built lodge different. If you’re into modern decor, metal, glass and concrete juxtaposed with the bush, you’ll love The Outpost. But if eco-conscious design gets you excited, you should feel really inspired by Pel’s Post. With eco-friendly design elements like wood and solar power, this lodge steps lightly and sits snugly on its perch above the river. Not to mention, having the option to take over the entire lodge with 6 of your friends has its own appeal.

sunset pel's post

I love that the space looks so at home in the bush, like it belongs there

Is there anything more beautiful than a bush sunset?

Imagine sunset dips in this pool!

After a day out in the bush, being welcomed back by this sunset and a G&T is a special way to end the day. As an exclusive-use lodge, guests have a completely customisable experience. So whether you’d like your lunch out on safari, or your dinner served fireside, it’s totally up to you. We woke up before sunrise to head to Lanner Gorge with our guide, Ranger Nick. Wrapped in scarves, beanies and jackets, we climbed the view point just in time to see the first orange rays pierce the sky.

sunrise pel's post kruger park

Combine this view with fresh air and the first birdsong of the day for maximum Pel’s Post perfection

sunrise pel's post kruger park

We chose to have breakfast back at the lodge, but guests have the option of a champagne picnic up here at Lanner Gorge

What makes Pel’s Post special is the fact that you can experience all the luxury your heart desires while treading lightly on the planet. To me, this is the way forward. Luxurious rooms, above five-star service and of course incredible views, combined with state of the art eco-practises are what dream holidays are made of. It’s what is going to make Pel’s Post one of the Kruger’s most appealing properties for millennial and eco-conscious travellers. It’s an example of how you can still enjoy your luxurious holiday while respecting the beautiful nature around you.

bush coffee kruger park

Early morning bush coffee

Book your stay at Pel’s Post

The Outpost Lodge and Pel’s Post offer special rates to locals, which include luxury accommodation, three meals and high tea and two game drives per day. Pel’s Post includes the addition of absolute exclusivity. If you’d like to book a visit, contact the lodge directly at tell them I sent you.

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Staying at Pel's Post

*My visit at Pel’s Post was hosted. As always, I am under no obligation to share rave reviews on my blog, and my opinion remains authentic.


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